“We have a big picture vision with vague goals and are unclear about how to break it down into operational execution.”

“Our strategic plan extends over three years, so we need to establish monthly milestones that keep our team focused and our community engaged and informed throughout the entire process.”

“With disparate teams in many offices, we’re struggling to work towards shared goals, and have visibility on each other’s progress.”

Align Strategic & Operational Plans

Cascade your vision and goals down into strategic, actionable and time-bound items. By operationalizing your plan in one common platform, you can break down silos and standardize department-level planning so you and your team can spend more time executing.


Identify Metrics, Assign Ownership & Set Milestones

Define and assign responsibilities and timelines at each level of the plan so your team knows what needs to be done, and when. Set success criteria so you can achieve measurable outcomes.



Establish a System of Accountability

Break down organizational silos and empower cross-department visibility and collaboration. Our dashboards are equipped with traffic light status indicators, targets and milestone dates that show you where to focus your attention. Progress indicators encourage everyone to get things done and celebrate achievements.



Foster Engagement and Buy-In

Make informed, evidence-based decisions about where to spend your time and resources. Give everyone access to the data you need to get buy-in for budget spending, hiring and new projects.