Sometimes the greatest roadblocks to strategic success lay in the very foundation of your organization. True to the Drucker quote "Culture eats strategy for breakfast", creating a culture of caring, appreciation and support within your organization not only helps to keep your staff engaged and aligned with your strategic vision, but provides your strategic plan the best opportunity for success.

Listen in as our experts uncover the foundational building blocks to successful strategy implementation. This webinar will provide you with the tools for:

    • Understanding the current state of your organization and the blockers you're facing
    • Determining the necessary steps to enact change
    • Aligning culture with strategy and achieving buy-in

Duration: 45 minutes

Meet Our Expert Presenters:

Mike Bell


Mike Bell
Co-Founder and CEO of Envisio Solutions Inc.

Mike is a serial entrepreneur and leader of high-growth businesses in both North America and Australia. His experience in growing high performance teams has reinforced the importance of planning and follow-through, and of celebrating achievements of all sizes along the way. In 2012, Mike founded Envisio, a leading SaaS organization which specializes in strategic plan management by helping organizations achieve their goals by aligning their employee actions with their strategic vision. 

Maria Church


Dr. Maria Church
Author and CEO of Government Leadership Solutions

Maria specializes in organizational culture design, change agility, strategic off-site facilitation, and leadership development based on her vast 25-year career with Fortune 500, local government, non-profits, and academia. Splitting her time between Scottsdale and the canyons of Southern Arizona, Maria continues to work with high-performing organizations and is working on her next book about rock star local government cultures.

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