Service Area Overview

Sustainability departments or professionals develop projects and programs designed to conserve energy and resources, and monitor pollutants such as water contaminants and air pollution. Dust control and water monitoring services, along with any other sustainable programs, aim to increase livability and resilience. Other programs provided by a jurisdiction may include drought preparation or stormwater collection, urban landscaping programs, green building programs, and habitat preservation.

Performance Measures

  •  Waste Diversion: Percentage diverted 

Influencing Factors

  • Demographics: Jurisdictions with larger populations, or citizen priorities, may provide higher levels of green programs, which are more cost effective for larger populations to employ initially, or internally provide.
  • Citizen Priorities: Sustainable initiatives differ among jurisdictions, often due to citizen priorities which affect the type of green programs and policies within a jurisdiction.
  • Community Characteristics: Environmental factors related to a jurisdiction's geographic location may impact the type of green programs and policies within a jurisdiction.
  • Contract Services: Some jurisdictions provide green programs through contracts with neighboring communities, regional organizations, or public/private partnerships.

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