Service Area Overview

Risk Management departments or professionals design and administer guidance protocols and insurance policies which protect jurisdictional liabilities in case of accidental or unforeseen injuries or damages to property, and handle legal claims filed against a jurisdiction in a court of law. Loss prevention protocols, employee safety and health provisions, and insurance benefits programs are aspects of risk management in many jurisdictions.

Performance Measures

  • Workers compensation, Number days lost to injury: All departments  
  •  Workers compensation, Number days lost to injury: Sworn Fire/EMS 
  •  Workers compensation, Number days lost to injury: Sworn Law Enforcement 
  •  Number of accidents, marked police vehicles per 100,000 miles driven 
  •  Workers compensation claims: Number .

Influencing Factors

  • Demographics: Service areas and conditions within a jurisdiction's geographic area may affect risk management protocols.
  • Special Services: Some jurisdictions may provide higher levels of special services such as employee wellness programs, designed to improve the health of public employees.
  • Contract Services: Jurisdictional contracts with neighboring cities may be utilized to provide higher levels of security or emergency services during high-profile events or a state of emergency.
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