Service Area Overview

Police services are a component of public safety departments, which serves to protect the lives of individuals and assist in the enforcement of ordinances, traffic laws, and criminal laws within a jurisdiction. Police services regularly patrol within their jurisdiction, and respond to calls for service in cases of suspected criminal activity, traffic violation, or any incident which potentially affects the safety of any individual, public infrastructure, or private property.

Performance Measures

  • DUI Arrests 
  • Number of traffic accidents involving fatalities 
  • Number of traffic accidents involving alcohol with fatalities 
  • Expenditures: Sworn police overtime 
  • Expenditures: Sworn police salaries and benefits (excluding OT) 
  • Hours Paid: Sworn police staff 
  • Percentage of property crimes cleared 
  • Percentage of violent crimes cleared 
  • Police calls: Calls for service resulting in a unit being dispatched 
  • Residential population of area served: Police 
  • Top Priority calls: Average time, dispatch to arrival on scene (in seconds)
  • Top Priority calls: Average time from receipt to dispatch (in seconds) 
  • UCR Part I Property Crimes: Reported
  • UCR Part I Violent Crimes: Reported 

Influencing Factors

  • Demographics: Population, daytime population, geographic land area, age demographics, socioeconomic conditions, and racial diversity within a jurisdiction may affect clearance rates, the number of calls for service, and response times.
  • Special Services: Response times may be affected by the availability of special services, such as SWAT/Tactical.
  • Organizational Structures: Some jurisdictions employ additional investigative services, housed within their police department, such as forensic services. Jurisdictions may also employ community services, such as crime prevention teams, which may affect staffing levels.
  • Citizen Priorities: Within any jurisdiction, priorities in funding and operations may affect levels of civilian support staff, sworn officers, and non-sworn officers.

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