Service Area Overview

Library services departments provide public access to books, movies, computer labs, meeting rooms, and community programs. Some jurisdictional library services divisions may have satellite library facilities and provide special services, such as daycare, portable electronics rentals, and digital media shared among multiple jurisdictions. In many communitites, access to computer and internet services is a key library amenity.

Performance Measures

  •  Expenditures: Library personnel and operations 
  •  Library: Circulation for all library facilities (hard copy materials) 
  •  Library: Circulation for all library facilities (electronic materials)
  •  Number of library visits Number of registered borrowers 

Influencing Factors

  • Demographics: Population, age demographics, and socioeconomic conditions within a jurisdiction may affect expenditures, staffing levels, and the types of library services that a jurisdiction provides.
  • Special Services: Some jurisdictions may specialize in certain types of collections, resources, or programs, which provide unique services, serve a community need, or specific demographic.
  • Contract Services: Some jurisdictions provide library services through contracts with neighboring communities or regional organizations.

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