Service Area Overview

Information Technology departments or professionals operate and maintain technology services, troubleshoot issues with devices and software, and support the organizational goals of a jurisdiction through technological innovation and implementation. IT departments provide digital efficiencies and connectivity for a professionals within any jurisdictional department or service area.

Performance Measures

  • Expenditures: Information technology personnel and operations  
  • Help desk (IT): Number of requests received
  • IT: Number of endpoints served
  • Percentage of help desk requests resolved within 4 work hours 

Influencing Factors

  • Demographics: Population, geographic land area, and employee age demographics may affect jurisdictional needs and staffing levels of information technology services.
  • Organizational Structures: Some jurisdictions provide additional services through inter and intra web services, and have varying levels of technological infrastructure to operate and maintain throughout their jurisdiction.
  • Contract Services: Some jurisdictions provide information technology services through contracts or public/private partnerships.

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