What is this Service?

Human Resources departments provide human capital management services associated with planning an organization or department's structural components, acquisition of talent, development of training protocols, and sanction or disciplinary actions.

Performance Measures

  • Hours paid to all jurisdiction staff
  • Percentage of new full-time employees completing probationary period
  • Sick leave hours used: All employees
  • Sick leave hours used: Sworn Fire/EMS
  • Sick leave hours used: Sworn Police
  • Turnover rate: All full-time employees
  • Turnover rate: Full-time public safety

Influencing Factors

  • Demographics: Population, daytime population, geographic land area, employee age demographics, socioeconomic conditions, and citizen priorities may affect staffing levels.
  • Organizational Structures: Citizen priorities related to lean governance may influence staffing levels.
  • Contract Services: Some jurisdictions provide human resource management services through contracts with neighboring communities or regional organizations.
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