Service Area Overview

Transportation departments are responsible for the management and improvement of a jurisdiction's street, highway, and transit infrastructure. The transportation department maintains existing assets and identifies future projects, which contribute to the continued improvement of transportation modality both within a jurisdiction and the surrounding region. Surface and access roads, highways, and public transit provide a network of transportation options for residents and visitors within a jurisdiction.

Performance Measures

  •  Expenditures, Road rehab.: Paved lane miles 
  •  Paved lane miles for which the jurisdiction is responsible 
  •  Paved Lane Miles Assessed as Satisfactory as a Percentage of Miles Assessed

Influencing Factors

  • Demographics: Regional funding is appropriated to reflect population characteristics and growth patterns. The comparative size or amount of population growth of a jurisdiction, in relation to neighboring communities, may affect highway conditions and projects.
  • Regional Funding: Highway maintenance, improvement, and extension is often financed through regional transportation funding. Regional funding is utilized within a jurisdiction according to citizen priorities within a jurisdiction.
  • Citizen Priorities: The types of highway projects and variety of transportation alternatives available within a jurisdiction may be affected my citizen priorities within the community. Public meetings and ballot measures for infrastructure improvements are the most common means of determining citizen priorities at any given time within a jurisdiction.

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