Service Area Overview

Financial Services departments typically provide payroll, billing, and collection services; assist with annual audits and development of budgets; collect impact fees; and manage matters of jurisdictional revenue, debts, and investments. Financial Services may administer benefits programs. Each jurisdiction is required to publish a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), detailing revenues and expenditures for the fiscal year, financial trends, investments and maturities.

Performance Measures

  •  Percentage of Accounts Payable Transactions Processed in 30 calendar days or under

Influencing Factors

  • Demographics: Staffing levels reflect a jurisdiction's population, and may grow in tandem with the demand for basic services. Daytime populations may affect staffing levels within a jurisdiction
  • Lean Practices: The number of full-time equivalent staff members within a jurisdiction may be affected by principles of lean governance, which prioritize cost-effective staffing.
  • Levels of Service: Higher levels of service can be provided within certain districts or jurisdictions, via additional operating funds. Primary Property Taxes allow communities to prioritize higher levels of service through ballot initiatives.
  • Contract Services: Some jurisdictions provide services through contracts with neighboring communities, regional organizations, or public/private partnerships.
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