The Challenge

Introducing a priority-based budgeting methodology was a signifcant step forward in helping allocate budgets to high priority programs for Gaston - but it only solved part of the problem. If a high priority program was underperforming, the county not only needed to know about it, but to understand why it was underperforming in order to get it back on track.

Without an overarching strategic plan to help guide them towards their vision, county departments operated largely in silos with no tangible way to monitor overall progress. Performance was tied to individual workloads and tracking and monitoring was conducted using static spreadsheets and word documents. These disconnected tools fell far short of providing valuable insight for the county to adequately track, measure and improve performance.

The Solution

Envisio made developing Gaston County’s first strategic plan an enlightening and straight-forward process for the entire organization. With the help of Envisio’s professional service team and strategic planning templates, county departments came together to develop the key goals and strategies required to elevate the performance of the county.

The team was quick to get on board. Upon recognizing the benefits of a strategic plan, ten different departments were inspired to develop plans of their own. The planning frameworks in Envisio ensured that each departmental plan was aligned with the overall goals and strategies of the county. It wasn’t long before Gaston County’s strategic and departmental plans were fully optimized and structured to allow for the greatest possible insight into performance. 

The Results

With Envisio, the county has been able to take their performance to the next level, while still maintaining their commitment to priority-based budgeting.

Gaston County is now able to easily identify key performance indicators and visualize their performance over time to develop the best understanding of progress and make data-driven budgeting decisions. Envisio allows Gaston County to make decisions based on what is working and what is not, and continually strive to provide better services for their citizens.


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