The Challenge

With an organization of 7,000 employees and a population of 1.9 million citizens, Broward County is faced with the ongoing challenge of engaging internal and external stakeholders while helping the public and staff to understand the County’s myriad of services and lines of business.

Broward wanted to help their employees feel more connected to the county’s strategic plan and provide them the opportunity to have their service achievements recognized by the Board of County Commissioners and public. At its last Strategic Planning Retreat, the Board expressed a desire to find a better way to share their Vision and Values with the public. They needed to take charge of the narrative and engage the public by telling the true story of Broward County that often goes unheard. Ultimately, by sharing the great work being done by the county, they would increase the level of investment and pride that employees and citizens feel for local government.

The Solution

Broward County first came across a software tool that was externally facing and developed by the Florida Chamber Foundation, called the Florida Scorecard, a statewide initiative which examines the trends within the state and displays them on a public dashboard. The Florida Scorecard demonstrated an ability to show citizens, at a glance, exactly how the state or a specific County was performing in a given area, in a simple, visual way.

The Results

Envisio is paving the way to provide employees at Broward a much better understanding of how they fit into such a large, complex organization. “We want people to see that they’re part of something much bigger, outside of their office and their particular responsibilities,” says Cassini. Connecting employees to policy makers’ priorities not only helps to give them a better understanding of their mission, but gives them a sense of belonging and purpose.

Broward County Case Study