Why Have a Public Dashboard?

Cities need better ways to share their story. Our Public Dashboard helps you communicate the impact your work is having in your communities and shows the public that you’re open and accountable.

Our Public Dashboard makes it easy for you and your team to articulate what you’re doing, how you’re doing it and how it adds value to the community. It’s digital, live and interactive.

Beyond empowering your community with timely, accurate information, you’re empowering your internal teams by giving public recognition of their hard work. Move from quiet achievers to celebrating your city’s progress and accomplishments.

How It Works

1. Decide What to Share

Select the goals, strategies and performance measures with the level of detail to best tell your story.

2. Import

Import your most recent reporting period's progress and accomplishments to share with your community the great work that your city is doing.

3. Publish

Create and share preview links for approval before publishing. You decide what to publish and have full control over the data you share.

How You Benefit

No Hassle Setup

Whether you choose to customize your dashboard with your website theme or use a default Envisio theme, publishing your Public Dashboard is easy and requires little to no work from your IT team.


We make it cost (and time) effective for small-to-mid-sized governments to share open data. Plus, our software comes with support and training.

Safe and Secure

Envisio’s Public Dashboard is a cloud-based application hosted by the world's largest cloud computing company, AWS. It's responsive, so it will display seamlessly on mobile devices, desktop and tablet.

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