Software and Support to Bring Your Data to Life

Is your performance data trapped in legacy systems, data warehouses, web applications and spreadsheets? Are you responsible for pulling this data together and providing analysis to inform key decision makers? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Envisio Performance Analytics is software and support for people like you. Performance Analytics is an intuitive, easy way to collect, analyze and learn from your data and then apply that learning to make informed decisions.

Data Collection

Your data resides in a variety of different places. Your job is to gather this data into one system where you can start to analyze and learn from it. Traditionally, this has been an incredibly difficult thing to do.

At Envisio, we've taken a holistic approach to doing this. With Envisio Performance Analytics, you can automatically draw data from any number of sources at predefined intervals or manually enter it yourself.



Data Analysis

Envisio Performance Analytics gives you all the latest tools for analyzing your data in ways you never thought possible. Pull in the raw data and create formulas, run pivots, data merges, appends, aggregations and much more. You can even use Envisio to benchmark your data with select peers.

Envisio Performance Analytics is an intuitive, easy to use tool for understanding what your data is telling you.

Visualization & Learning

Once the formulas and aggregations are in place, the next step is to create compelling visuals that uncover the stories in your data. With Envisio Performance Analytics you can tell these stories with interactive charts, graphs and other intuitive visualizations that drive evidence-based decision making.

These visualizations are shared in custom dashboards with individuals, departments or across the entire organization. You can even create a public facing dashboard to share your story with the community.


Management Reporting

Envisio Performance Analytics can align your performance measures with your strategic and operating plans. Get automated, customizable management reports delivered to anyone at any time.

Nothing impresses stakeholders more than comprehensive reports that drive informed decisions.