The Ultimate Strategy Execution Platform

Cascade Planning


Envisio is a centralized planning and cascading framework for defining, aligning and executing all your strategic and operational plans in one place.


Envisio is customizable to any planning methodology. Go ahead, plan the way you plan and execute like never before.


Use Envisio to build cross-functional strategy teams that align with broader organizational goals. Envisio is the silo-buster you've been waiting for.


Progress Tracking


Get instant visibility into the work that your team is responsible for. See what actions have been completed, are in progress or require attention.

Email Reminders

Keep your staff engaged on the work that matters with automated emails that remind them to provide updates on the actions they are responsible for.


Fully Customizable

Display your high level data the way you like it. Envisio's dashboards are customizable to give immediate insight into the questions that you need answered.

Performance Visualizations

Use Envisio's multitude of visual data representations to harness the power of your data to drive evidence-based decisions.

Roll-up Progress Summaries

With Envisio, updates roll up and aggregate, giving you a clear view of the progress of all aspects of your strategic and operational plans.


Management Reports

On Demand

Envisio helps you reclaim the time and talent spent manually compiling subjective and inconsistent progress updates. Create on-demand reports by individual, department, plan element or by any user-defined category.

Automated & Recurring 

Envisio's automated report scheduler allows you to create any kind of recurring reports that your choose and then forward them to anyone.


Select from a series of well designed, visually appealing report templates, saving time on formatting and graphic design.