What Is a Public Dashboard?

A public dashboard is a customizable, dynamic web page that is accessible from your website that contains select planning and performance data from your government.

Public Facing

Sharing data with the public that highlights key accomplishments of your government's progress towards community goals.

Internal Facing

Showing your staff the impact that their individual contributions make to the successful completion of your strategic plan.

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How You Benefit

Build Community Trust

Envisio's public dashboard is a key element in your quest to build trust with your community. By demonstrating and sharing progress toward community goals you take a big step in this direction.

Engage Employees

Ensure your staff understand the role they play in furthering the goals of the community. A public dashboard demonstrates the value that your staff and their departments bring to make your community a better place to live.

Get ADA Compliant

All Envisio public dashboards are fully ADA compliant (WCAG 2.1 AA conformant) so all users can access and enjoy the content.

Start Today

Save IT resources by building your own dashboards and use a turnkey system to get started in days.


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How It Works

1. Import

Select the goals, strategies and performance measures with the level of detail to best tell your story. Import your most recent strategic plan progress and accomplishments to build your new public-facing dashboard.

2. Customize

Make your dashboard your own. Select the levels of your plan and the specific areas you wish to publish, and customize the text and images the public will see. You can even restrict select IP addresses to control who has access to your public data.

3. Publish

Create and share preview links for approval. When you're ready, hit publish and start sharing your progress and accomplishments with your community. Once live, monitor the traffic to your dashboard to see which areas of your plan are generating the most interest.