Align Your Employee's Actions with Strategic Objectives to Improve Your Organization's Performance

Envisio Employee Performance links your employee's performance to your organization's strategic objectives. Combine that with your organizational values, as well as role specific competencies from our library (or create your own) and you have a complete scorecard for your employee that represents their true performance. More effective than the traditional annual review!



Traditional Employee Performance Management Is Not Working


Workers NOT engaged at work (Gallup)


Employers say that performance management programs are effective


HR execs believe performance reviews do not represent employee performance


Employees agree that their manager helps them set performance goals (Gallup)

Coach Your Employees to Success

Clarity of Expectation

Meet employee's basic needs vital to their success by providing them with clarity of expectations, regular conversations about responsibilities and progress. Get them connected to the big picture so that they can see how they contribute to the organization's overall achievements.

Develop Your Team

Employees are your most important resources. The more they learn and grow professionally the better they contribute to your organization's success. Managers and employees can work together to define professional development plans that enhance the employee's skills.

Regular Coaching and Feedback

Regular coaching and feedback on progress enable managers to push for continual improvement rather than a sudden rush to meet objectives at review time. It also improves communication, employee engagement, eliminates misunderstandings and allows managers to spot issues before they become problems.

Envisio Employee Performance Manager has cut down my workload by 70%.

Bruce MacDonald, Imagine Canada