An employee health and wellness program doesn’t need to be complex or expensive. Like most things in life, wellness is more about quality and less about quantity. Wellness is about commitment, follow-through, and a genuine desire to reap all the benefits that result in great personal health and wellbeing choices.

As part of the Envisio onboarding process, we help our customers implement their entire strategic plans into our software...And, we asked the ones who have employee wellness objectives as part of their organization’s strategy what their goals were when they first decided to implement such programs. The results are in:


Top 5 Employee Wellness Program Goals

  1. Increasing employee engagement

  2. Boosting productivity

  3. Reducing healthcare costs

  4. Increased morale

  5. Boosting mental, emotional, and physical health of employees

What Our Customers Learned: Reporting On Program Progress And KPI's 

What did our customers learn after implementing and tracking the progress of their employee health and wellness programs? It turns out that happy, healthy employees are more productive, engaged, and loyal. Our strategic HR partners applaud your efforts!

What We Learned From Our Customers

That it’s an honor being a strategic partner of organizations that are not only innovative, but also truly value their employees. Check out the full Envisio customer Employee Wellness infographic on SlideShare! 

Learn why senior leaders and strategy experts choose Envisio to foster employee engagement, improve how they track KPI's, and achieve their goals