Envisio is excited to announce the upcoming release of our Categorization feature!

Categorization will allow you to classify and report on labels that are customizable by you at every level of your plan. We've simplified the process of filtering and generating reports based on your exact user-created labels. With Categorization, reporting on your plan's progress can now be as concise or as broad as you like!

The Categorization feature is just another element of Envisio that makes implementing, tracking, and reporting on your plan simple and intuitive.


Categorization Complements Envisio’s Cascade Planning Abilities

Bringing your strategic plan to life is easier than ever with Envisio’s “cascade planning framework,” which adapts to any planning methodology and is fully customizable to suit your organization’s unique planning terminology.

Prioritize Every Element Of Your Plan And Track True Progress

Envisio’s weighting feature uses a special “priority value set” algorithm, which allows you to rank every element of your plan. This provides you with true rolled-up performance results with every report you generate. Your staff will also enjoy full visibility into how their work is contributing to the overall success of the organization and they will be able to prioritize their work to ensure their actions are always fully aligned with the achievement of your strategy.

Real-Time, Customizable Reports Give Managers The FULL Picture

Categorization, cascade planning, and the ability to weight the importance of every element of your plan means your managers will have all the data they need to make informed and timely decisions.

Using Envisio means your resources will always be allocated to the right teams and projects. Progress commentaries provided by team members give managers instant visibility into the current status of specific tasks. City managers who get called in front of their councils or superintendents who are presenting to their boards can now easily answer the question, “How are we doing on Strategy XYZ?” by simply generating reports that contain real-time, detailed commentaries and visual representations of all your metrics and data, says Emily Chow, Marketing Manager

Share these reports on a projector screen in a presentation and easily print or email your reports for all your stakeholders to see.

Learn how Envisio's strategy implementation and reporting software can help you you can implement, track, and report on your plan easily and efficiently.