Envisio is proud to announce new customer wins as the education sector continues its shift towards building transparent, accountable, and engaged workplaces. The Langley School District, ILSC Education Group, and Ingenium Schools will be using Envisio to collaborate across departments, improve reporting to boards, and deliver on student success objectives.


Envisio Empowers Achievement Of Student Success Objectives

As a strategic plan implementation software supplier to the Education sector, Envisio will help the Langley School District, ILSC Education Group, and Ingenium Schools achieve higher levels of employee engagement and transparent accountability on student success objectives through:

  • Cascading planning frameworks and management dashboards
  • Real time strategic plan progress tracking and report generation
  • Employee performance evaluation
  • Integrated chat for cross departmental collaboration and employee engagement
  • Unlimited support and training  

“The demand for accountability continues to ripple through the education sector and organizations like the Langley School District, ILSC Education Group, and Ingenium Schools are leading the way to building transparent and accountable work cultures with staff that are aligned with strategic deliverables,” says Mike Bell, CEO of Envisio.

A Robust, Easy-To-Use Alternative To Confusing Spreadsheets

Envisio will gives forward-thinking education executives a feature-rich, easy-to-use alternative to confusing spreadsheets and ad hoc to-do lists. Educational leaders are increasingly turning to Envisio to help them foster engaged and accountable work cultures.

“By embracing transparency and accountability in the workplace, educators are liberated from reactive, silo work cultures and are able to channel resources into continued educational innovation and student success,” says Ron Pound, Education Practice Leader of Go Futures HR.

Envisio adapts to administrator’s unique planning needs with real time metrics and management dashboards that enable visibility into the status of their strategic plans empowering quality and timely decision making. Get your team on board with your institution's strategic plan and start delivering on student success objectives right now! 

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