5 Tips for Implementing and Actioning Your Strategic Plan

Whether you’re a superintendent for a local school district or a senior leader at a Fortune 500 company, strategic planning is central to organizational success. If you want to reach your intended destination, you have to map out the trip. Unfortunately, reaching your goals isn’t always an A-to-B proposition, and many businesses end up taking the long way around.

5 Key Steps for Successful Strategy Execution

Having a great strategy, industry breakthrough or game-changing product can catapult your organization to the mainstream market, but only solid execution can keep you there. Can you deliver your intent? Most companies can dream big and create a vision, but cannot execute. Robert Kaplan and David P Norton recently reported in the Harvard Business Review that 95% of employees are unaware of -- or do not understand -- the strategy for their organization.

Sahuarita Better Aligns on Strategic Goals with Envisio

The Town of Sahuarita was struggling to achieve continuity across their organization and lacked a clear understanding of how individual and departmental efforts were contributing to the achievement of the overall top-level goals of the Town. They turned to Envisio to break down their departmental silos and improve the way they align, track and report on their strategic plan

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