6 Benefits of a Good Management Reporting System

Strategic planning is a key tool for running an effective local government. When done correctly, it turns today’s vision into tomorrow’s reality. But in order to meet the goals in the plan efficiently, local governments need a management reporting system to help them implement the plan. A good reporting system is the foundation for successful strategy execution.

Why You Need a Strategic Plan and an Action Plan

Your strategic plan is the roadmap to success for your organization, connecting decision-making with a shared vision. A strong strategic plan affects every department and all levels of stakeholders, whether you’re a senior leader for your city or part of the municipal staff. But designing a roadmap for the future is only one part of the process. If there’s no implementation, the goals and milestones you’ve meticulously mapped out might as well be stuck in the glovebox. It’s like starting a car on an empty tank of gas—it takes a strategic action plan to choose the best route, rev the engine, navigate, and reach your destination.

What Makes a Good City Strategic Plan?

Some strategic plans serve as vital roadmaps for a community. Others stay on the shelf collecting dust. So what differentiates the first group from the second?

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