Change Management Strategies for the Innovative Leader

You Can't Change That...Can You? If there’s one constant in the world of business, it’s the necessity for change. With new markets emerging daily and technology advancing, seemingly at the speed of light, change management strategies are essential just to stay competitive.

Employee Health and Wellness in the Workplace

An employee health and wellness program doesn’t need to be complex or expensive. Like most things in life, wellness is more about quality and less about quantity. Wellness is about commitment, follow-through, and a genuine desire to reap all the benefits that result in great personal health and wellbeing choices.

Strategic HR Best Practices: Developing Millennials Into Rockstar Managers

We're in a time where Boomers and Gen-X'ers are managing Millenials. And, vice versa. Promoting Millennials to management has been known to leave many a manager in a cold sweat. Why? Because passing the torch to the next generation is never easy -- but, hold onto it too long, and you just might get burned.

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