5 Ways to Get Multiple Local Government Plans Under Control

Local governments love to plan.

The arsenal of plans and strategies active in a city at any point in time can be overwhelming: for residents, who participate in the creation of these plans; for elected officials, who commit to achieving the goals of the plans; and for staff, who execute and manage the plans.

To make matters more complicated, these dozens of government plans and strategies are subject to a perpetual cycle of planning, updating, reporting and reviewing.

You Can't Do It All: How to Create a Strategic Action Plan

We were having a conversation about strategy execution with a customer a couple weeks ago when they made a really salient point: “We just want to make sure we are evaluating ideas we have for strategic initiatives in a way that identifies and prioritizes high-impact projects.”

It’s a common problem. When faced with all of the things that you could do, how do you prioritize and select the initiatives and actions that will provide the best results? We all have constraints that limit the amount of new initiatives we can launch—including funding and organizational capacity.

8 Local Government Public Dashboard Examples

Having a publicly available performance dashboard is one the best ways that local governments can build trust with the community while engaging employees.

It’s also really daunting.

Not only does it put all of your aspirations, accomplishments and setbacks out there for everyone to see, but you have to produce the data to populate it, maintain it, and get internal buy-in for greater organizational transparency and public accountability for outcomes. For many local government teams, it’s not just about launching a dashboard, but introducing cultural change.

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