3 Steps to More Meaningful Community Satisfaction Data

This is a guest blog post from Cory Poris Plasch, VP of Customer Success at POLCO. Cory and her team provide an award-winning civic engagement platform. Many Envisio customers work with POLCO to get 360° community input throughout the creation and execution of their strategic and departmental plans.

The Vital Few: How to Identify Your Key Performance Measures

I know it’s coming, but I dread it just the same:

“So, how many performance measures do you think we should have?”


My left brain immediately offers this unhelpful answer: “No more than what you need to effectively manage performance.”

Although it’s technically good advice, it raises more questions than it answers.

So let’s take a different tack. Why do we measure performance?

How to Build a Local Government Performance Reporting Framework (with examples)

Developing the right reporting strategy to communicate organizational performance is a hot topic in local government. I talk to dozens of government agencies every month, and the number one reason they come to Envisio is because they’re struggling with reporting on performance.

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