5 Reasons to Use a Cloud-Based Performance Manager Over Excel

We’ve all been there: lost in an Excel spreadsheet, with no hope of getting out. If you’ve ever felt like hours of your life have been spent entering data into a spreadsheet, you’re not alone. The worst part? When the offline document you’ve been grinding away at gets lost, corrupted or complicated by too many versions.

How The Experts Set SMART Goals And KPIs

The most successful business strategies are driven by well-defined goals. But, once those strategies are put into place, you need a way to measure performance to make sure you’re moving in the right direction. That’s why it’s so important to combine smart goal setting with your KPI planning activities.

4 Ways a Board Can Measure the Integrity of Their Strategy

When you have a tool that can support the successful implementation, tracking and reporting on a solid strategic plan, you should have the information you need to evaluate the integrity of your organization's or company's strategy. 

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