7 Reasons Why Schools Need Strategic Planning

Having worked with some of the most successful schools in the world -- from North America to Australia -- I noticed they have one thing in common: A great strategic plan. Strategic planning isn’t just for businesses and non-profits. Any school with a mission to succeed in the best educational interests of their students must have a plan to get there.

How to Optimize Strategic Planning With the Balanced Scorecard Approach

Strategic planning allows you to put your best foot forward on the road to success. But, without a means of measuring performance along the way, you can only guess as to the efficiency of your travels.

The Art of Effective Operational Planning

Traditionally, strategic and operational planning have been approached separately. But, this has proven problematic. More often than not, a strategic plan with well-defined goals, strategies and objectives can quickly become overly complex and confusing if the way it’s being operationalized and implemented isn’t clear or aligned with your strategy.

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