8 Ways You Can Be a Better Manager


We’ve all heard the saying that people leave bosses, not jobs. The reverse is also true: good managers make for committed employees. Whether you’re a seasoned leader or a first-time manager, here are eight ways to boost your management skills.

Does Your City Celebrate Accomplishments?

Your strategic plan and KPIs give you a way of tracking progress towards shared goals. But what happens when you start moving the needle? Too often, organizations forget the critical final step: Celebrating Their Wins.

How Your Culture Can Help Create More Effective Strategic Plans

When your culture is loosely defined, siloed or non-existent at all, your foundation to build a strategic plan is shaky at best. We recently hosted Dr. Maria Church, who works with counties and cities to help define and refine their culture, ultimately leading to more effective and aligned organizations. She likens culture to the foundation of a house: “ Your strategic plan is the framework. You can implement a strategic plan without a foundation, but it will be ten times harder and more painful.”

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