10 Ways to Improve Collaboration in an Organization

Collaboration is the latest buzzword in businesses and local governments around the world. Working in silos can slow down or significantly hinder an organization's progress towards their strategic plan. When a team is able to effectively share resources and work together to achieve their goals, the rate of progress is accelerated, and the likelihood of accomplishing their overall objectives is substantially increased.

The Journey to Becoming a Great Leader

Looking for a formula for leadership? No one is born an effective leader, but by the time you become a senior executive, whether a Superintendent or City Manager, you have no doubt honed a set of skills and talents that enable you to be effective in your job. You may have had mentors along the way who taught you the roles, critiqued you where necessary -- even if you didn’t feel it was warranted -- and helped develop you into the leader you believe you are today. But the longer you have been on an upward trajectory, the less likely you are to receive helpful, consistent feedback.

What We Learned at the #BCTech Summit

As mentioned earlier in our blog, Kurt Juson, Director of Sales, attended the first-ever #BCTech Summit which was held at the Vancouver Convention Center West, January 18-19.

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