Two weeks ago the Envisio team attended the 104th Annual ICMA Conference in “Charm City” Baltimore, Maryland to mingle with local government professionals from around the world. Once again ICMA delivered another remarkable conference, providing a platform for valuable connections and insights gained through the networking and learning opportunities for Envisio. It was a great opportunity for us to catch up in-person with our customers and hear about the amazing work that’s being done through executing their strategic plans.

Keynote speaker Daniel Pink delivered a noteworthy speech on the importance of timing, which got us thinking about where we’re currently at in the local government space. Governments are innovating – the old ways simply don’t work anymore. Whether it’s due to millennials’ growing interest in government careers or the public increasingly pushing for transparency, local government has quickly become a dynamic and evolving field in ways that it never was before.

These were some observations and takeaways from the ICMA Conference:

  • The rate of change in leadership is accelerating

Through our conversations it’s evident that many government agencies are witnessing a higher rate of change in leadership and staff. With uncertainty in the economic climate and the baby boomer generation retiring, governments are experiencing increases in retirements and employee turnover. At the same time, the workforce is growing with a large number of younger employees now joining local governments.

  • Local government employees are getting younger

There is a clear trend indicating a growing millennial demographic in local government. We noticed more and more young people in senior leadership positions, with student interest in government jobs continuing to grow.

  • Civic tech is more relevant now than ever

Today’s local government leaders have access to an ecosystem of innovation that they never had before. The conference exhibit hall was dominated by software vendors, ranging from those that help cities with urban planning and transit data to strategic planning and performance analytics software like Envisio.

  • Greater diversity in local government

It was amazing to see groups such as CivicPride and Women in Local Government gathering together to discuss common issues in local government while celebrating progress in diversity.

  • Growing transparency trend

Local governments continue to look for ways to become more transparent by publishing public records and integrating Public Dashboards into their websites.

With these changes in the industry, local governments are getting better at listening to their communities and delivering the services that better reflect their needs. It’s an exciting time of progress and opportunity for local governments, and we are proud to play a part in empowering cities to innovate and build trust.

Congratulations to ICMA for another successful conference, and we look forward to seeing everyone again next year at ICMA 2019 in Nashville, Tennessee!

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