The senior leadership team and Director of Strategy at the City of Lloydminster knew they needed to make several critical changes in how they implemented, tracked, and reported on the progress of their municipality's strategic plan.

Lloydminster transparency & accountability goal

Embracing technology and adopting Envisio's strategic planning and reporting software has now placed them on the road to achieving their goal of becoming transparent and accountable to council and residents

Envisio's Customer Success Team Sets Senior Leaders Up For Success

Working side-by-side with Cara Ong, Director of Customer Success at Envisio, the City of Lloydminster received full strategic and operational plan implementation, scorecard development, and staff training. 

Twitter_-_Black_SmallAll Envisio customers enjoy full strategic and operational plan implementation, scorecard development, and staff training. Learn how you can align your team with your municipal's strategic plan!


Implementing Clear Strategic Priorities, Objectives, and Actions Is Easy

This initial support facilitated immediate uptake of the software across the organization. Herbus was able to build out a robust, top-down plan consisting of clear strategic priorities, objectives, and actions.  


“The City of Lloydminster is part of a growing breed of forward-thinking municipalities committed to embracing technology and placing the needs of residents first,” says Mike Bell, CEO of Envisio.


Lloydminster senior leadership & staff are using Envisio


The management team at Envisio believes that nothing is more important than the work that municipalities do in creating the circumstances for a high quality of life for their residents.

I applaud the leadership team at the City of Lloydminster for taking this essential step in bringing their strategic plan to life for the betterment of their community. Our commitment to assisting the City of Lloydminster to achieve their strategic goals forms the cornerstone of our partnership going forward.”

Join us next week as we look into the future plans for the city and how the Director of Strategy is now charting the course to a more transparent and accountable government. Want to know all the juicy details right now? Then simply: