In last week's edition of the blog, we looked at how the City of Lloydminster was looking to operationalize their local government's strategic plan, but was challenged with how to establish measurable objectives, engage senior leadership and staff, and report on progress to council. Needless to say, this is no small feat for any city manager to tackle.

Let's examine the hurdles many municipalities and local governments face when engaging in the strategy implementation and reporting process.

Municipal Strategic Planning and Implementation Challenges

Like most municipalities, the City of Lloydminster used a single, static document to implement and track the status of their strategic plan. The plan was updated infrequently and referenced annually. It became difficult to engage senior leaders in the ongoing implementation of the strategic plan and any changes made to the document were not visible across departments.

"The lack of City staff alignment with council-approved objectives led to limited buy-in throughout the organization. Providing comprehensive reports for council that highlighted key accomplishments, metrics, and the overall progress of our strategic plan was a significant challenge," says Sharon Herbus, Director of Strategy at the City of Lloydminster.

Enter Envisio - Strategy Execution And Reporting Solution

Herbus knew they needed to make a change to achieve their goal of becoming transparent and accountable to council and residents. After searching online for a solution to the City of Lloydminster’s strategic plan implementation and reporting challenges, she discovered Envisio. Over several months, Herbus concluded that cloud-based software would help solve her challenges.  She researched alternatives and ultimately concluded that Envisio was the platform of choice to help the City of Lloydminster improve collaboration, enhance reporting to council, and simplify employee performance evaluation. 


 Twitter_-_Black_SmallThe City of Lloydminster uses Envisio's strategy implementation software for improved tracking and reporting.

“Envisio was so easy to use and this was critical in ensuring maximum buy-in from our department directors. This software highlights our shared progress and helps everyone in our organization feel engaged and aligned with the overall strategic plan,” says Herbus. 

Adopting Envisio's strategy implementation software into the fold has since improved how the City of Lloydminster implements, tracks, and reports to council on the progress of the municipal's strategic plan.

Join us next week as we look at how the Director of Strategy and all her staff have adopted Envisio into their daily operations to build out a robust, cascading plan consisting of clear strategic priorities, objectives, and actions. Want to know all the juicy details right now? Then simply: