Envisio is pleased to announce our inclusion in the 2016 “Ready to Rocket” list. Envisio congratulates the other recognized technology companies selected to the 2016 “Ready to Rocket” and “Emerging Rockets” lists.


“It’s an honor to be associated with so many innovative technology companies,”

- Mike Bell, CEO at Envisio

“Envisio’s software empowers governments and education leaders to build transparent and accountable workplaces. This emerging shift in workplace engagement will fuel our growth for many years to come.”

Rocket Builders profiles British Columbia’s fastest growing, most promising technology companies that are capitalizing on the latest trends in the technology sector. This select group of emerging technology leaders was chosen based on the prediction they will experience significant growth, venture capital investment, or acquisition by a major player in the coming year. The three sectors in the technology industry that are considered are: Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Cleantech (CT) and Life Science (LS).

“I’ve had the opportunity to interview most of the companies on our lists,” said Reg Nordman, Managing Partner at Rocket Builders.


“The diversity of solutions, maturing skill sets of management and the resulting increased ability to address large markets is becoming a strength of the BC Technology landscape.”

- Reg Norman, Managing Partner at Rocket Builders

About Envisio

Envisio is a strategy implementation, performance management, and reporting software provider for local government. Envisio is designed to empower senior leadership teams to achieve council priorities while giving managers full visibility into the progress of the organization’s strategic and operational plans. Envisio helps forward-thinking organizations like the City of Surrey, Langley School District, BC Hockey, and Canuck Place take the implementation process to the next level by engaging staff, enabling cross-functional collaboration, and aligning departmental operations with an organization’s strategic priorities. For more information, please visit: www.envisio.com.

About the Rocket Recognition Program

The Rocket Recognition Program features two branded lists of companies. The “Ready to Rocket” list profiles information technology companies with the greatest potential for revenue growth in the coming year. The Emerging Rockets” list profiles technology companies from multiple technology sectors with great potential for investment and market breakthroughs in the coming year. Both lists are predictive of future success making them unique in approach and unique in value for our business audience. “Ready to Rocket” and “Emerging Rockets" are trademarks of Rocket Builders, a respected management consulting firm servicing the technology industry. For more information, visit www.readytorocket.com.

About Rocket Builders

Rocket Builders is a management consulting firm providing sales and marketing services. With a focus on helping technology companies to grow and prosper, Rocket Builders has a proven track record of success with its clients. Since 2000, Rocket Builders has been engaged in market research, market planning, business development initiatives, strategic selling, and product launches for over 300 organizations. For more information, visit their website: www.rocketbuilders.com.

“Ready to Rocket” is a trademark of Rocket Builders, a respected management consulting firm servicing the technology industry.