The Company Killer

You’re spending thousands of dollars training each of your staff – yet projects are falling behind schedule, productivity is slipping, and your star employee just walked out the door. What’s going wrong?

According to author and emotional intelligence and corporate team engagement expert Renée Safrata, companies are focusing in on the individual, when they need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture of building profitable project teams.

Teams plagued by conflict, miscommunication and internal politics create a toxic environment that kills productivity. This all stems from individuals acting against what’s good for the group. But when employees communicate and collaborate effectively with each other, they achieve results.

Teams can collaborate without conflict, and get far more accomplished together than they ever could apart.

It begins by overcoming the fear that teamwork is too difficult; or the worry that team meetings and feedback sessions will eat up too much time. It doesn’t. Improving a team’s ability to communicate, offer direction, structure meetings, be accountable to the group and regulate emotions will actually make your staff more motivated, more efficient and more productive.

This eBook gives business leaders insight into how to diagnose the “productivity killers” that turn good people into dysfunctional workplace teams. From poor communication skills and an inability to give feedback, to out-of-hand emotions or leadership voids, Safrata offers concrete “Team Turnaround” solutions and action plans to remedy the problem areas and get teams back on track.

Following her strategies makes employees more motivated and efficient, increases team productivity and improves your bottom line. It all boils down to Safrata’s secret to business success: bank on teams, not individuals.




About the Author


Renée Safrata, BAAID – CIC, Facilitator

Over the past 25 years, Renée has worked with over 220 companies and 1900 business executives throughout North America, helping them connect and adopt new behaviors to become confident members of highly functioning teams. She firmly believes that this philosophy of connection is what ultimately drives productivity and contributes to company results. As an emotional intelligence and corporate team engagement expert, Renée consults with CEO’s and their leadership teams, reviews Vital Statistics Reports of all Vivo clients, speaks to audiences about creating Vital (Vivo) Teams and guides the development of the Vivo suite of products. Renée is the author of: The Company Killer: How dysfunctional teams are destroying results.