The Town of Sahuarita was struggling to achieve continuity across their organization and lacked a clear understanding of how individual and departmental efforts were contributing to the achievement of the overall top-level goals of the Town. They turned to Envisio to break down their departmental silos and improve the way they align, track and report on their strategic plan

The Town of Sahuarita is located 15 minutes south of Tucson in southern Arizona. With a population of nearly 27,000, Sahuarita is growing at a rapid rate, and their strategic plan is continually evolving to keep up. We spoke with Teri Bankhead, the Assistant to the Town Manager at Sahuarita to discuss the town's experience with Envisio.


"Adopting [Envisio] brought awareness and has stressed the importance that what we do everyday is not in a silo and is directly tied to our overall strategic plan."

-- Teri Bankhead, Assistant to the Town Manager 


Before Envisio

  • The Town of Sahuarita was faced with the challenge of tracking and monitoring the progress of their strategic plan.
  • The use of static tools such as spreadsheets and memos made it difficult for managers to gain insight into how much progress was being made.
  • There was a considerable lack of continuity of the sharing and tracking of information between departments.
  • Employees were working in silos with no alignment to the overall strategic plan.

Sahuarita desired a solution with a user-friendly interface which allowed their staff to align their work with Sahuarita's strategic plan. They also sought a means of simplifying reporting for staff and council, and a way of increasing their level of transparency and accountability with their citizens. Sahuarita's search for a solution to help solve their strategic planning challenges is what led them to Envisio.

To learn more, download the full case study on how Envisio's strategy and performance management software helped the Town of Sahuarita to overcome their operational challenges!

Download Strategic Planning Software Case Study

Envisio is a cloud-based Government Performance Management software that empowers local governments to accomplish goals, achieve greater transparency and accountability, and enhance the quality of life for citizens. 

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