Strategy Execution: So You Have a Strategic Plan, Now What?

Have you invested time and resources in a strategic plan, and then never saw it go anywhere? You’re not alone.Cities, businesses and individual departments know their strategic plan can improve the lives of their stakeholders and create clear goals for their internal teams, but a lot of organizations get stuck on: “what’s the next step?”

Put Your Strategic Plan to Work: 3 Steps to Turn Vision into Action

Your strategic plan lies at the heart of your organization. It outlines your vision for the future and maps out the goals and milestones to get there. It helps you prioritize, make resourcing decisions, and get everyone on the same page working toward this shared vision.

5 Key Attributes of High Performing Governments

High-performing governments are easy to spot: they’re open, they’re transparent, they’re accountable, and they’re engaged. They have the right tools at their disposal and they get the job done.

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