How to Establish Trust With Citizens Using Open Government Data

It has long been established that when executed correctly and at the appropriate time, self-disclosure is one of the hallmarks of building a positive relationship. Studies have shown that sharing information about ourselves is more likely to build greater cooperation, liking and trust with others. This is true whether the relationship is one between friends, an employer with their employees, or even a government with its citizens.

Key Takeaways from 2016 ICMA Conference

The Envisio team recently attended the 102nd Annual ICMA Conference in beautiful Kansas City and with over 3,000 attendees at the event this will surely be remembered as one of the most popular conferences in ICMA history.

What We Learned From the 2015 ICMA Conference

Kurt Juson, Director of Sales at Envisio, weighs in on what he has discovered are the top 3 municipal strategic planning challenges of city managers.

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