Before you begin the implementation phase of your strategic plan, we at Envisio recommend asking yourself these nine strategic questions to give you an edge in addressing issues that may arise from the communication of the plan you are about to engage your team in.


  1. Do you believe in the strategy?

  2. Do you think others believe in it?

  3. Was your strategic team involved in developing the strategic plan?

  4. Is the plan realistic – not “easy” – just that you can see how it comes together in a reasonable way?

  5. Is the strategy clear and detailed enough that people will understand their roles and how they relate back to the overall strategy?

  6. Do the implementation teams have opportunities to weigh in and make smart adjustments as needed?

  7. Are there early indicators in place to signal if something isn’t working or hitting the desired targets?

  8. Are there plans in place for correcting any potential issues?

  9. Is there support set up for the strategy throughout the different phases?

Build your plan around your people

Although these questions are focussed around helping your team with strategy execution, they are as much about making sure you and your senior leadership team provide a strategic foundation for the organization and are enabling your employees and organization to maximize success.

Do you have insight for others?

Are there other questions you’ve asked yourself and had success with before starting a new strategic plan?

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