A Public Dashboard is the best way for local governments to build trust with the community while engaging employees. Need some inspiration in building up your public dashboard? Take a look at these 8 city and county governments’ public dashboards to see what they’re doing well.

City of Lawrence, KS

  • The dashboard is integrated into a webpage that details the Mission, Vision, and Organizational Values that the strategic plan is supporting
  • They provide explanations for the plan levels and their importance
  • The icons and overall design are clean and easy to navigate

City of Cleveland Heights, OH


  • It explains how often the dashboard will be updated
  • It provides a legend for the colors/status
  • Each Vision item contains detailed update text regarding specific Goals; it tells what has been done, what’s coming up next, and how issues will be overcome

Broward County, FL:

  • Their dashboard is highly customized by web designers with CSS to match the county government’s brand colors
  • Custom CSS “Fast Facts” table give insight into the relevance of the performance measures shown
  • The invitation from the County Mayor explains the importance of the Modern Analytics Program that Broward County is tracking

City of Scottsdale, AZ

  • The dashboard explains the time period of the results and updates
  • Each Mayor and Council Priority item contains the contact information of the department heads leading up each project
  • There is clear explanation of how Objectives have been completed or why they have been discontinued

City of Maplewood, MN 

  • The dashboard is integrated into the city’s website along with contact information and the details of the strategic plan
  • There are clear descriptions of the planning elements; what they are and why they’re important
  • Updates are well-written and easy to understand

City of Grand Rapids, MI

  • Although not as descriptive, It is clear and concise with a clean design, making it easy to get a quick summary at a glance
  • A legend is provided for the various arrow types

City of Edmonton, AB

  • The dashboard has a clean layout that is easy to navigate
  • Every measure’s page has a link to the city’s strategic plan, allowing readers to see the big picture
  • There are clear explanations of each measure’s importance and performance

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