We’ve all been there: lost in an Excel spreadsheet, with no hope of getting out. If you’ve ever felt like hours of your life have been spent entering data into a spreadsheet, you’re not alone. The worst part? When the offline document you’ve been grinding away at gets lost, corrupted or complicated by too many versions.

Reasons To Use A Cloud Based Performance Manager Over Excel

Working in Excel is often a one-person job. You have to manage the spreadsheet, gather data from multiple people and sources, create formulas and export the end results to be emailed to stakeholders. As your business grows, this system becomes overwhelming for one person to manage.

Transitioning to cloud-based performance management software can eliminate your data entry pain points and relieve you from managing offline spreadsheets—so you can focus on managing your business and propelling it forward.

We put together a few of the ways that cloud-based performance management software can help you manage, track and share data—over the traditional Excel spreadsheet option.  

1. Built-in Support

The user interface of cloud-based performance management software has a similar look to Excel, so it will feel like familiar territory. But instead, you’re guided through the formula process with a builder—so you don’t need advanced data management skills to quickly create calculations, graphs and charts. The built-in user interface will lead you through the process. That means fewer errors, and time saved trying to figure out how to create complicated formulas.

2. Multiple Users Can Add Data at One Time

In Excel, data entry is typically a one-man job. Only one person can be in the sheet at a time, dragging out the process of gathering data and inputting it from multiple sources. With a cloud-based performance manager, multiple people can enter data at one time—so you can delegate data entry to the best person who was closest to the problem, instead of chasing down individuals to send you their numbers. Because everything is stored in the cloud, you’re not emailing one version of your file around and hoping you don’t have duplicates.

3. Ask Questions of Your Data

If you’re an advanced Excel user, you probably love pivot tables. Performance management software offers this functionality, simplified. For example, if you’re tracking timesheets, each employee will enter their data—Susan worked on task X for 4.5 hours, while Jim worked on task X for six hours. You can ask these data questions, like, how many hours each employee worked on task X over the last month? Performance management software lets you look at your data in new ways.

4. Share Reports With a Link

With performance management software, you can generate easy-to-read graphs and charts with the click of a button. You can share reports with colleagues, or even make your data available to the public. Rather than exporting an offline spreadsheet—instead you receive a web link that gives everyone viewing ability. For government organizations that value transparency, this is a perfect way to break down barriers and show off work to the public. The multiple reporting options maximize the use of your data and extend far beyond a static spreadsheet.

5. Connect Your Performance Data to Other Plans and Reports

You can integrate Envisio’s Performance Management software with our Strategic Measurement Software, which houses your strategic plan measures. If you create a chart in our Performance Manager to represent your sales for the month, and your strategic plan has a goal to achieve a certain number of sales, you can link that chart directly to your strategic plan. And your reports, charts and graphs automatically update—if you put in new data points, the data gets updated on all platforms.

Ready to say goodbye to static spreadsheets and transition to a cloud-based performance measurement program? Envisio Performance Manager is a purpose-built tool that helps you identify, track, analyze, and share your data. Easy-to-use and cloud-based, our Performance Manager gives you on-demand insight into your performance results, and ties everything back to your strategic plan.

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