When you have a tool that can support the successful implementation, tracking and reporting on a solid strategic plan, you should have the information you need to evaluate the integrity of your organization's or company's strategy.

Strategy is just the tip of the planning iceberg. Below strategies you can have goals, objectives, tactics, activities and KPIs (all relative to your plan) that are the real measures of integrity of your strategy.

Board members on a board of directors are key players in strategy. In terms of actions they can take to manage the integrity of their organizations strategy, here are a few I would consider:

  1. Monitor how engaged senior management and employees are with the most critical activities in your plan.
  2. Monitor which activities are not a priority (or even reported on) as they are likely not essential to the success of your organization (or they are and this needs to be addressed).
  3. Have board level evaluations embedded in your corporate governance.
  4. Perform team engagement testing and follow up training for senior management to ensure those executing the plan have the tools and abilities to do so.

This should be a good kick-start for a board to monitor the integrity of their strategy. Once these activities are completed, you will streamless the focus and priorities of your organization and ensure the right resources are focused on the most important tasks at hand.


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