As a new Customer Success Manager with Envisio I’ve been tasked with (quickly!) becoming an expert on our government performance management software.The Customer Success team uses Envisio internally to track our Goals, Objectives, and Actions, so I’ve experienced using the software the same way our customers do.

After some internal training sessions and listening in on training being delivered to our customers, I jumped in and started adding Objectives and Actions to track my progress and show how Im contributing to the Customer Success teams Strategies as well as Envisio’s Goals.

I wish I could tell you that I did everything correctly the first timebut I did make some mistakes adding my Actions and submitting my first updates. I also found some features that help make updating my Actions easier and get the most out of meetings with my manager. Heres what using government performance management software has taught me so far:

1. Its a Journey

Ive never reported on my projects like this; its been a big change for me! It really drove home what we tell customers during implementation and training: implementing and using Envisio is a journey for your organization and for your users.

Feeling my way through the system and learning how everything works was a great way for me to become comfortable with the software. I learn best by doing, and many of our new users do too. I spent a lot of time going into various dashboards, reports, and setting up my home dashboard and dashlets so that they make sense to me, and lay out everything I need to see at a glance.

One way to jump start your journey is to check out our Performance Management Guide for local government. (opens in a new tab)

2. Notes are One of my Favourite Features

One of the errors I made is logging into Envisio and submitting a new update on my Actions whenever I had something to add. At the end of the reporting period its going to look a little odd when my manager sees it!

What I should have been doing is taking advantage of the Notes feature, like this:

Envisio Notes

Then I could have submitted my Action updates once, with all the information together by copying the notes into the Action update:

Envisio Action Update

I love this because I like putting my notes in right away, before I forget. It makes updating Actions easier; I don
t have to try to remember what I did with each of my Actions at the end of the month when my updates are due.

3. Traffic Light Indicators Help Direct Coaching With my Manager

Using the yellow and red traffic light indicators to flag issues with my Actions has helped my manager to zero in on what I need help with during our coaching sessions. Using this lets us use our time effectively, and has been fundamental in helping me get up and running quickly.

The Customer Success team also reviews all our Actions marked yellow and red periodically to share whats worked in similar situations and share knowledge across the team. Now, we have some tools to help move those Actions back on track and into green.

I saw the value of Envisio as a reporting tool immediately, but using it as a coaching tool and to manage our team came as a surprise to me. Now that Ive seen it in action it makes a lot of sense: reporting is driving what we work on, and has contributed to a culture of transparency and accountability. As a new team member, its certainly helped me find my footing and feel comfortable asking for assistance or clarification.

Im sure that Ill uncover more features that help me use Envisio as my journey continues. Its already helped me understand how our customers use the software. Im looking forward to the rest of the journey.

Laurie Geenen joined Envisio in February 2017, bringing a background of Customer Success, customer advocacy, and project implementations. Her business background is varied and includes providing technical support, database administration, and management. She’s a lifelong resident of Vancouver and spends her free time on her motorcycle or with her dogs. Laurie is currently completing a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing. Follow Laurie on Twitter: @_LaurieGeenen