My top ice breaker for strategic planning sessions in government & non-profits

I’m usually terrible at ice breakers. I’m a nuts and bolts kind of guy and generally don’t like anything that feels gimmicky. During my time in government and as a consultant, I facilitated hundreds of strategic planning sessions for local governments and nonprofits, and in every case, I liked to get to business and get things done.

6 Benefits of a Good Management Reporting System

Strategic planning is a key tool for running an effective local government. When done correctly, it turns today’s vision into tomorrow’s reality. But in order to meet the goals in the plan efficiently, local governments need a management reporting system to help them implement the plan. A good reporting system is the foundation for successful strategy execution.

Takeaways from the ICMA 2018 Annual Conference

Two weeks ago the Envisio team attended the 104th Annual ICMA Conference in “Charm City” Baltimore, Maryland to mingle with local government professionals from around the world. Once again ICMA delivered another remarkable conference, providing a platform for valuable connections and insights gained through the networking and learning opportunities for Envisio. It was a great opportunity for us to catch up in-person with our customers and hear about the amazing work that’s being done through executing their strategic plans.

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