The live webinar might be over, but you can still learn how to take your government's Performance Management program to the next level!

This is the first intallment of our new webinar series The Path to High Performing Local Government about BENCHMARKING FOR SUCCESS - what it is, how it works, and how local governments are using it to accelarate their performance.

What to expect:

  • Why Benchmark? Learn how local governments benefit from benchmarking against similar jurisdictions.

  • The features and benefits of membership in regional, state or special interest Benchmarking Networks and how these memberships elevate efficiency.

  • A closer look at Envisio's new comparative performance management software, govBenchmark and how it can help local governments best serve their community.

Fill out the form and the webinar recording will be emailed to you to be viewed at your convenience! We will also keep you updated on future webinars coming this year in our Roadmap to Success webinar series!

Duration: 30 minutes


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Benchmarking for Success