Everything You Need For Successful Strategic Plan Management

Action Your Plan

Get Everyone On The Same Page

The secret to successful strategy execution is in translating strategies into actions. Envisio makes it easy to cascade your big goals down into strategies and actionable items in cascade planning so that everyone sees how they are contributing.

Effectively align and operationalize your plan in one common platform, eliminate organizational silos and empower cross-department visibility and collaboration.

Customizable planning hierarchy and labels provides consistency in communication throughout your organization enabling everyone to speak the same language.

Assign Responsibilities And Timelines

Accountability drives trust, commitment and high performance. Envisio makes it easy to assign responsibilities and timelines at each level of the plan so that everyone knows what needs to be done and when.

Timelines from activities roll upwards through the planning hierarchy providing managers with visibility on where they need to focus their resources.

Strategic plan cascade
Strategic Plan Progress Update

Track Progress

Roll-up Progress Supports Evidence-based Decision Making

Tracking strategy execution progress is integral to understanding whether you will reach your desired future state.

Envisio’s friendly interface makes it easy to update progress on deliverables, qualitative and quantitative measures to keep management informed. Unique to Envisio is our rolled up progress results of underlying activities providing managers with an accurate performance landscape of their goals and strategies to support evidence-based decision making so that managers can practice effective management guided by timely and accurate information.

Historical updates captured against each deliverable provides reference and speeds up on-boarding of new employees.

Envisio is your easy to use, centralized system to monitor plan progress and to ensure work is being completed.


Insightful Visuals Keep Teams On Track

Save countless hours and frustrations collecting and aggregating inaccurate progress updates in spreadsheets. Envisio's dashboards keep everyone focused on the things that matter and provides management with rolled up qualitative and quantitative performance results to assist in efficient and effective decision making.

Interested in the details? Drill down into the plan level to view related activities's progress commentary, status and progress indicators and performance measure outcomes, everything you need for an insightful visual story.

Traffic light status indicators highlight to management where attention is required. Progress indicators encourages everyone to get things done and celebrate the achievements.

Strategic Plan Dashboard
Strategic Plan Reports

On-Demand Reports

Generate Meaningful Reports While Saving Time

Reclaim the time and talent spent manually compiling subjective and inconsistent progress updates into meaningful reports. Envisio's robust reporting functionality enables you to run reports by individual, department, plan elements or by category. Empower managers, senior leaders or elected officials with robust, on-demand reports that tell a complete story.

Envisio's standard and customizable reporting capability saves you time!

File Sharing

Share And Store Electronic Files Efficiently

Envisio's document storage StratBox facilitates storing and sharing of electronic documents related to the work you do. Great for storing and sharing documents related to your deliverable so that everyone involved can find it in one place. 

Strategic Plan Document Storage
Strategic Plan Collaboration


Share Ideas, Chat In Context

Put an end to siloed planning structures and achieve greater teamwork and employee engagement by building cross departmental collaboration nodes that align teams with updates, performance measures, documents and conversations. All within the context of your strategic plan.


On Time Reporting Without The Stress

Tired of chasing down progress updates? Frustrated with discovering problems long after they have happened? Envisio’s automated notifications prompt timely progress updates and inform managers and team members when issues arise that require immediate attention. Notifcations are your strategy news feed!

Strategic Plan Notifications