All your municipal plans in
one place

Align and implement municipal strategic and departmental plans and performance measures. Build trusted relationships with council and residents through robust and transparent progress reports and public dashboards.

alignment.  visibility.  accountability.

Transform how your local government manages plans, performance measures and progress reporting. Streamline planning and reporting for managers, demonstrate meaningful progress to council, and be transparent and accountable to residents. Envisio provides a common planning and progress reporting framework, organization-wide visibility, and greater accountability for individual, department and community goals.


Align & Integrate Plans

Are your plans in different documents in different formats with different people? Effectively integrate, align and operationalize your municipal plans with Envisio. Strategic Plans, Master Plans, Departmental Plans come together in one common platform. Envisio eliminates planning silos and empowers cross-department visibility and collaboration, accountability for deliverables, and ensures all activities are aligned with and support the bigger picture.

Align Performance Measures With Plans

Do you struggle to find a meaningful and intuitive way to track and report on performance measures? You’re not alone. Disparate spreadsheets and systems managed at the department level offer little support for pro-active evidence based decision-making. Use Envisio to align your performance measures with your plans, set milestones and targets and view in real-time from centralized permission based management dashboards.


Streamline Progress Updating

Are you constantly chasing down word document, spreadsheet, and email updates? Inconsistent and late progress updates, incomplete information and varying formats are challenges every manager contends with, wasting countless hours every reporting period. Envisio automates reminders for consistency, timeliness and a simple and easy way for staff to provide updates. Organization wide visibility encourages engagement and accountability, while weighted roll-ups give a true measure of progress.

Instant Reports Everyone Will Love

No one likes creating reports. They consume precious time, can be a source of frustration and a potential conflict point for senior leaders and councils. Use Envisio to build trusted progress reports through an open and transparent automated roll-up of progress updates and performance measures from every department. All in real-time! Save time and increase report frequency, reliability and consistency. Envisio reports result from a simple yet robust organization wide accountability and reporting framework.


Public Dashboards

Today’s engaged digital citizen wants accessible data and a transparent and accountable government. Leading cities are embracing this trend and proactively engaging communities with open data, visibility into the progress of goals, and up to date performance measures. Engage citizens and meet your municipal's transparency and accountability objectives with Envisio by sharing and visualizing progress toward accomplishing your strategic priorities, and their associated performance measures.

Here's how you will benefit from Envisio

  •   Save countless hours of administration
  •   Increase Accountability
  •   Build trust with council
  •   Improve collaboration
  •   Become evidence based decision makers
  •   Increase employee engagement
  •   Increase productivity
  •   Demonstrate meaningful progress
  •   Meet transparency objectives
  •   Win public trust with community dashboards



The ability to customize a city's planning and reporting structures within Envisio will be a tremendous asset to our local government members and how they implement their strategic plans.

Karen Thoreson

President and CEO, Alliance For Innovation