High Performing Governments Benchmark.

Compare Your Government's Performance to Best Serve Your Community with Envisio's govBenchmark

optimize your community performance management programs to drive efficiency and effectiveness in your organization

TRACK, BENCHMARK and COMPARE your key performance measures with peer jurisdictions in an easy-to-use cloud-based Comparative Performance Management software. 

Envisio's govBenchmark Is For Governments Interested In:

  • Understanding where they stand in comparison to peer jurisdictions to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Seeking regional comparisons to inform level of service and staffing decisions
  • Providing elected officials, media and public with accurate service delivery information

Instant ROI

ICMA standard performance measures from 125+ cities providing you with immediate data analysis capability so that you can start comparing yourself against other high performing cities.

Create Your Network

Network capable. Join with your existing benchmarking network and measures or compare against the common ICMA network.

Simplified Data Collection

User-friendly data collection feature organized into service areas so intuitive that anyone can enter data.

Data Cleansing Ensures Quality Data

Automated data cleansing and clear definitions ensure data is of high quality so that it provides trustworthy and accurate outcomes for analysis.

Robust Reports

Intuitive out-of-the-box and customizable reports that are easy to generate and share with internal and external stakeholders.

Supported By A Great Team

govBenchmark is supported by a friendly and knowledgeable team passionate about YOUR success.

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