Our Company

In a prior life, one of our co-founders Ian Clark, was the CEO of a local government organization. Ian found that connecting his staff’s day-to-day activities with his strategic plan was a enormous challenge. The process of manually gathering data and measuring it against the plan required a huge investment of time and resources. With the strategic plan really only understood by upper management, most staff members were effectively disconnected from the organization’s strategic goals and mission. Not exactly a recipe for success.

After mapping out all his frustrations, Ian set out creating software that would solve these issues by:

  1. Connecting everyone’s daily activities to the strategic plan deliverables
  2. Breaking down Goals into milestones, deadlines, and assignments
  3. Eliminating the need to manually gather reporting data

Implementing the new software in his organization resulted in nothing less than a complete cultural transformation. Connecting people to the plan empowered them to make things happen — and, so they did. Employees thrived, with juniors turning into managers, and managers becoming executives. Projects were completed on-time and on-budget and the organization flourished.

We often explain to people that Envisio’s roots are slightly different. We didn’t go looking for a problem so we could market software. We HAD a problem and with no effective solution available…we invented one. And, that’s how a Canadian software company named Envisio was born in 2011.

If you’re looking to engage your team, foster cultures of accountability, and achieve your strategic goals, give us a call and learn why senior leaders choose Envisio.