Ian Clark Chief Software Architect Envisio

Ian is the Co-Founder and Chief Software Architect of Envisio Solutions, Inc. Ian is a true leader who has occupied numerous — and highly respected — senior executive roles in the local government and nonprofit sectors. Throughout his career, Ian quickly realized there was a clear need for senior leaders to have an intuitive and robust solution that empowers them to be proactive in both their strategic and operational planning. Alongside, Mike Bell and Cara Ong, Envisio was born.

Ian has a passion for supporting initiatives that allow terminally ill children and their families the opportunity to have memorable and positive life experiences. Ian is also a strong believer in the provision of health care to underdeveloped communities within the Pacific Rim. He has a love of motorcycle restoration, team sports, waterskiing, poetry, mentoring people both personally and professionally, and spending quality time with his wife and two kids.

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