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Cara Ong, COO

Cara Ong Director Of Customer Success Envisio

Cara is the Chief Operating Officer of Envisio. Cara has a reputation within the technology industry as a strategic plan implementation expert and inspirational female entrepreneur. Cara knows that people are the heartbeat of any organization and her dedication, vision, and quiet perseverance inspires creativity and innovation in a team that is excited to come to work every day. Cara has a thirst for knowledge, is a master troubleshooter, and has a knack for making everyone around her feel valued.

Cara has an extensive background in IT and was a key player at Oracle for 7 years. She has travelled the world starting businesses and has a track record of making them grow and prosper. Even more impressive is the fact that she’s a mother of three, a golfer with a swing that many call “poetry-in-motion,” an avid skier, and a sponsor for The Foundation for Children.

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