Build Your Roadmap to Success With Envisio

Ditch the spreadsheets. Get real-time insight into performance outcomes and improvement opportunities for evidence-based decision making while accurately communicating your progress with departments, elected officials and the public.

Envisio Government Performance Management Software

Align Teams With Plans and Shared Goals

Achieve operational excellence by providing a streamlined structure of aligning departmental operational plans with strategic plans, keeping all teams focused on the work that really matters.

Build a Culture of Accountability

Break down work silos! Increase transparency and accountability by assigning responsibilities and timelines. Progress on initiatives rolls up to management dashboards providing insights for accurate decision-making.

Celebrate Your Achievements

Robust canned and custom reports, benchmarking insights and citizen dashboards all designed to help you easily tell and share your story with your staff, elected officials and your community.

Your Roadmap to Success

Cascade strategic plan


"Vision without action is a daydream" - With Envisio’s Strategy Implementation you can implement, track and report on any plan; Strategic plan, Operational plan or Comprehensive plan. Customized planning hierarchy and custom labels makes it easy to visualize and communicate the plan to your staff so that everyone is on the same page. Progress updates through our intuitive interface rolls up to management level dashboards providing managers with timely and accurate information for effective decision-making. Easy to generate reports keep stakeholders informed.

Performance tracking


Performance Indicators are the key to understanding your success rate at reaching your goals. Envisio's Performance Manager centralizes your performance measurement program enabling dashboarding and reporting of all your performance measures. For complex performance measurement tracking with aggregation or formulas, Envisio Performance Manager is the easy to use solution that allows you to efficiently and effectively run your performance measurement program.

Performance measure benchmark


Take your organization's Performance Management to the next level with Envisio's Comparative Performance Management solution, govBenchmark. Designed for local governments looking for ways to improve their operations through peer comparison, govBenchmark is the ultimate performance booster!

Public Dashboard


Empower your citizens with insights into your government's performance and tell YOUR story with Envisio's Public Dashboard. Easy to configure, preview and publish when ready - without I.T. involvement. Improve openess and transparency, build trust with your community today.

Performance appraisal


Are you evaluating your staff on the things that matter? Envisio Employee Performance Management, together with Strategy Implementation provides your organization with an integrated, robust strategic HR evaluation solution. This ensures that staff are working and being measured on the things that contributes to the achievement of your organizational goals, all in one platform.


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